What is Forever After STARZ Theatre Troupe?

STARZ is a group of Forever After's most dedicated students interested in more opportunities to learn about theatre and enhance performance skills. Students that are accepted into the STARZ program will be invited to take part in a variety of different workshops, performances, and trips over the course of one year.

To become a member of STARZ please complete the 2018/2019 Member Application.  All applications are due no later than September 1st. Forever After will accept up to 25 students. Members will be selected based on the answers given to the application questions. We are looking for the area’s most dedicated and hardest working students. Students who apply to be members of STARZ should have a strong desire to advance their interest and knowledge to all things theater related. Those who are chosen to be a part of STARZ will be required to pay a $300 annual participation fee.

If I Am Chosen, What Does My Participation Fee Cover?

  • Six Skills Workshops 
  • Participation and rehearsal process in a collaborative, student-written performances
  • Invitation to perform at Fall Fest 2018 in Downtown Plymouth and various public performances
  • Invitation to Arts trips around the Michigan Area
  • Invitation to Chicago Arts Trip in Winter 2019

Additional Fees

STARZ Theatre Troupe Apparel (optional)

Transportation to and from Arts Trips

Hotel accommodations for Chicago Arts Trip

Workshop participation fees for Chicago Arts Trip

*Note- being a part of Forever After Starz Theatre Troupe does not require you to participate in any Arts Trips or the Arts Trip to Chicago. Being a part of STARZ simply gives you the invitation to these unique opportunities.

Schedule Overview

The schedule for STARZ will be created by the troupe members. This is to ensure that each troupe member will be able to get the most out of this experience. STARZ will meet typically 1 - 3 times a month for a skills workshop or rehearsal. The dates and times for these workshops will be determined by the availability of the troupe members and the availability of the workshop instructors. Troupe members are not required to attend every skills workshop.

If you have questions or concerns about Forever After STARZ Theatre Troupe, please contact us at (734) 547-5156 or foreveraftermail@gmail.com.